What you should know

Release date:

Wednesday oct 14, 12:00 h
Event type: Digital broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 50 minutos
Transmisión internacional desde Sands Films en Londres

oct 14 to 15, 12:00 h
Event type: Broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 24 horas

Duration: 55 min.
Country: Reino Unido, Senegal
Type of audience: General

Two virtuous musicians in a sublime collaboration: The welsh harpist Catrin Finch and the kora musician Seckou Keita from Senegal explore the relationship between the music and their countries. The program is called Why Fly? and it will be played in a cozy London theater. The presentation that includes: Bach to Baissou and 1677, this last extremely melancholic piece is inspired in Clarach, theme that evoques the flight of the osprey, which migrates every year from the West Coast of Africa to the North of Europe. His journey is freer and more beautiful tan the one that Seckou and so many other immigrants had. A metaphor for the power of music to rise and clear the border.

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