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Release date:

Wednesday oct 14, 20:00 h
Event type: Live
Broadcast duration*: 60 minutos
Transmisión desde Centro Cultural Helénico, Ciudad de México

oct 14 to 15, 21:12 h
Event type: Broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 24 horas

oct 17 to 19, 09:00 h
Event type: Broadcast

Duration: 60 minutos
Country: México
Type of audience: +18 años

La Bruja de texcoco is Octavio Mendoza, a transvestite musician who discovered his femininity in a shamanic night and stood on stage assuming his identity. La Bruja de Texcoco takes up the classic pre-Columbian rhythms and the aesthetics of transvestism of local cultures. At the Cervantino he will perform popular Latin American songs composed by Ernesto Duarte and Violeta Parra, as well as pieces of his authorship such as Té de Malvón and Suite Aquelarre, two praised works that are on his album De brujas, peteneras y chachalacas.

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