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oct 14 2020 to mar 31 2021
Museo Casa Diego Rivera. Salas Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo.

Country: México
Type of audience: General


This exhibition shows the situation of migrants in our time from an aesthetic where the family, unprotected beings and social marginalization are supported in figurative elements and in the experiences of the artist.

Dana is an artist who has not only committed herself to her work, her training in the social sciences and the humanities has taken her along different paths throughout her life, but they all converge in one thought, to give humanity what their eyes see and through the visual languages bring together all those who ignore the lacerating reality of our humanity.

For her, there is no nation in a particular way, despite the commitment she has had with the poor and marginalized peoples of Mexico. In many of the communities where she has shared her creativity and her human qualities, the problem of migration is present, as it is in her origin os, grandparents parents and fellow migrants with whom she has shared her stories of abandonment, of loss and of encounters.

The large formats of his work capture us, and make us live together with the characters recreated with free brushstrokes, colors where black is an evolvable support that allows us to feel his nostalgia and the rudeness of the loss of values of the men of our time.

Dana has achieved a maturity in her work thanks to her tireless practice and dedication where time and space of her workshop do not exist as well as the unlimited time of the paintings she creates.

To think about Dana's work is to think about the denunciation that cannot remain silent, it is to get involved with this reality that grows day by day and that many prefer to close their eyes to what is and cannot be denied.

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