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Release date:

Wednesday oct 14, 19:00 h
Event type: Digital broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 40 minutos
Transmisión desde el Auditorio del Estado, Guanajuato.

oct 14 to 16, 19:40 h
Event type: Broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 24 horas

Duration: 40 minutos
Country: México
Type of audience: General

Danzantes del alba is a piece that explores the relationship between art and ethnography. Based on cases investigated in maquilas in Topilejo and Santa Clara Ecatepec, 50 costumes of "el viejo de la danza" are made and the stories surrounding the costume are recorded. All the pieces made are installed in the State Auditorium, where a performance of this dance will take place using only 15 of the maquilas' costumes.

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