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Release date:

Friday oct 16, 12:00 h
Event type: Digital broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 60 minutos
Transmisión desde Londres

oct 16 to 17, 12:00 h
Event type: Broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 24 horas

Duration: 60 min
Country: Reino Unido
Type of audience: General

Some of the most important English musical pieces in history will be played at the Cervantino. From exuberant polychoral hymns to expansive votive antiphons, they shape "Treasures of the English Renaissance", the concert that Stile Antico, a vocal ensemble of great vitality and innovative spirit, will offer at the FIC. The Music flourished in England with composers such as Orlando Gibbons, William Byrd and Thomas Tallis who wrote pieces of dazzling virtuosity and extraordinary beauty.

The filmed concert is part of Live from London, a festival of the best vocal music broadcast live from the VOCES8 church, in London, for the Cervantino. https://voces8.foundation/livefromlondon

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