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Friday oct 16, 11:00 h
Event type: Digital broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 11 minutos
Transmisión desde la Ciudad de México

oct 16 to 17, 11:00 h
Event type: Broadcast
Broadcast duration*: 24 horas

Duration: 15 min
Country: México
Type of audience: +6 años

Sawatsky and the Cook of Tales is a series of fantastic stories for girls and boys that tells the story of the birth of magic in this world. These two intrepid characters will do everything possible to prevent it from dying out. In a fun, agile format and with the cinematographic vision of director Miguel Márquez, each piece evokes a poetic world of places and situations never seen before. For Red Tricycle, play is the only rule.

Chapter 1: The Palace of Mirrors.

Chapter 2: The Crown Circus

Chapter 3: The Sword of Dust


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